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PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

We deliver complex PCB Assembly in less than 72 hours of receiving the complete kit. Several design houses work with us as to build their first boards and complete initial testing. We have state of the art equipment for assembly, inspection and testing.


  • Multiple BGA, QFN, LGA etc. supported.
  • Flex PCB with components populated by machine. Our machines can handle 40 * 40 to 380 * 420
  • Flexi Rigid PCB Assembly for multiple applications.
  • Smallest component – 01005.
  • Up to 300 components on one side supported.
  • We support low volumes board to 10000 boards per month.
  • Quality Inspections:  Solder Paste inspection, Automatic Optical Inspection,  X-Ray Inspection, Inspection Magnifier.