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Box Build

Box Build and System Integration

Box Builds for complex products including medical devices, m-POS and other IoT devices.


We have 15000+ square feet of area at our facilities dedicated for testing and box build. We support enclosure fabrication, installation and routing of cable harness, installation of sub-assemblies, packaging and labeling, testing, software loading and product configuration. We offer this as an independent service and as an extension of our PCBA services.

  • Enclosure Fabrication: We support assembly of supplied sheet metal enclosures.
  • Cable Assembly: We do manual assembly of cable and wire harness. We support programming of test boards and simultaneous testing of multiple boards.
  • Sub-Assemblies: We work as development partners for complex systems and do sub assembly installation and testing as per the bill of material
  • Packaging and Labeling: as part of our Order Fulfilment and RMA Logistics services we offer packaging and labeling services.
  • Software Loading and Product Configuration: We support software loading and product configuration as a joint service or on a completely outsourced basis. E.g., We support key injection and product configuration for a payment device with all the required security measures.